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Parasym Plus Vagus Nerve Support

Parasym Plus Vagus Nerve Support

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I rarely promote supplements from other companies. This is one that dramatically improved my health and I want others to find solutions to those health issues that seem out of reach. The Vagus Nerve is responsible for so many processes in our bodies like the digestion, breathing, heart rate, and so much more. Suffering from a slow digestion transit, I had always depended on herbal remedies to keep things moving. Then I realized that I have a gene mutation that doesn’t allow me to process choline well (even though I eat plenty of egg yolks which are high in choline). The Vagus Nerve is stimulated by the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. So it made sense when this product stimulated my digestion motility naturally. I am relieved and thrilled to have found it and want to offer Parasym Plus™ to others.


From a client, “I didn’t have much or any changes in the first 30 days but a week into the second month I am feeling a difference. Bowel movements improved, dry eyes improved, mental clarity improved.” -Robin T., Chandler, AZ


A properly functioning Vagus Nerve assists brain function, inflammation, immune response, anxiousness, all aspects of digestion, gallbladder function, eye fluid production, and more. 


Clients using Parasym Plus™ have noted improvements in energy, brain fog, constipation, tear production, anxiousness, POTS, fast heart rate, emotions, and so much more.


Read more about Parasym Plus™ including full ingredients list and labeling.


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