Fountain-of-Youth Facial Toner


A natural astringent infused with healing herbs. Simple, effective.

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I only use ingredients from nature on my skin and you deserve the same. Raw apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent infused with healing herbs to create an astringent and pH balancer. This toner brings the healing earth to your skin.  I tend to agree, less is more, especially with the elements your skin already faces in the environment. This simple toner has few ingredients but is very effective.

Ingredients: pure R.O. filtered water, witch hazel extract (alcohol-free), apple cider vinegar, rose absolute therapeutic-grade essential oil

Size: 2 fl oz

Apply toner with cotton ball (do not rinse). Next apply facial cream and serum.

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What People Are Saying about Fountain-of-Youth Facial Products: 

“The Fountain of Youth Facial Cream is rich and wonderful. I have a friend who sends it to her mother in Florida, and this woman normally only shops at Neiman Marcus! I also use the Herbal Balancing Facial Toner which makes your face feel so fresh and clean. I love the lip balms too as they are very rich and not sticky. They’re even good to use on your cuticles!” -Jackie Mossman, Mesa AZ

“… I especially benefit from the face cream as I feel like I am not introducing any chemicals into my skin. …I currently use the lip balm, the foot cream, the face cream, the bath salts, the essential oil scents, the hand salve and the herb mask. I love all of it!” -Bea Brouwer, Chandler, AZ 

“The thing I like most about True Balance Wellness products is their simplicity. It is great to know and understand that sometimes less is more. …. I use the face cream everyday and it is the best I ever had. I also use the arnica salve for me and my clients with great results. The pain does go away. …” – Sherri Hered 

“The natural face cream when put on at night softens the skin throughout the night. It has a clean, fresh odor, which works well in our desert climate. ” -Shirley from Mesa, AZ “

I absolutely LOVE Simple Nature’s Fountain of Youth Facial Cream! It rubs in easily, smells nice and leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. It’s so nice to know that the ingredients are all natural and truly good for my skin! This is the best stuff I have ever used. I feel perfectly comfortable using this cream in the morning and going out without any makeup – it’s that good! “ – Claire Perkins, Mesa AZ 

“I am thoroughly enjoying Linda’s Fountain-of-Youth facial cream. It’s totally natural, smells great, and I really like the way it makes my skin feel.” – Diane Haggerson 

“I am a faithful user of several of the Simple Nature skin care products. From the Fountain of Youth Facial Cream, All Natural Deodorant, to the medicinal salves, I love them all. So many products on the market today contain harmful ingredients. It gives me peace of mind knowing that Linda only uses natural ingredients in her products. I also believe in the importance of supporting local businesses. Wonderful, effective products from a local business owner!” – Nikki Albert, Tempe AZ

“I absolutely adore using the facial cleanser and fountain of youth cream. The cleanser always leaves my face feeling smooth and looking radiant. The facial cream is as MUST for anyone living here in the desert. The facial cream has just the right amount of moisture. I use both products daily as do my children. Great products that are made with LOVE from all natural ingredients. Thank you Linda!!!” – Karen Joseph

“I use the facial cream several times a day. It’s so refreshing and makes my skin smooth and silky. I even put a little in my hair at night to give it extra shine and moisture. True Balance creams are just the best leaving behind all the rest!” – Carolyn Curry, Los Arcos, CA

“I have dark blotches on my forearms and face that get embarrassingly worse with Sun exposure, the Fountain of Youth Facial Cream is the ONLY product I trust. I have noticed a remarkable reduction in existing discoloration on both my face and my forearms and I am thrilled ! I simple do not know WHAT I would do without this product. To say I LOVE the Fountain of YOUTH Facial Cream would be an understatement! THANK YOU !”- Kathy Watson

“I have used Linda’s “fountain of youth” face cream for several months now and not only me-but others have noticed the better skin texture and tone of my face. I also gave it to mother in law and she liked it as well.

The cream has made my skin smooth and my acne is gone. Highly recommend it for any age group. I have also tried “herbal tea blend for pregnancy” & I love it as a great alternative to dairy. You can almost taste the pureness of the blend from its smell.” -Rima Meht

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