Creosote/Chaparral Herbal Salve (4 fl oz)


Creosote, also referred to as Chaparral, is great for abnormal bumps, growths, warts, eczema, psoriasis, and many other skin irritations. (4.0 fl oz)


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I only use ingredients from nature and your skin deserves the same care. This is our most popular salve with numerous uses. Creosote pulls abnormalities from deep under the skin and pulls it to the surface before repairing the skin. This drawing effect is why the salve is so effective on numerous skin conditions. Give it a try and make it your go-to skin salve like so many clients do. Safe for children and pets.

Uses: warts, abnormal growths, basal cell, eczema, and more

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil infused with Creosote & Calendula Flower Herbs, Candelilla Wax (vegan). (4.0 fl oz)

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What People Are Saying….

“My dermatologist determined a basal cell spot on my nose was pre-cancerous and was scheduled for a treatment to remove the spot. I decided to apply the Chaparral Salve daily and several times a day to see if it would heal the area. I went back to the dermatologist 4 weeks later, and she could not find any pre-cancerous on my nose.” – Gena Tunder, Chandler AZ

“I bought the creosote/chaparral salve for my sons warts and oh my goodness! All the warts are gone! Not even a single trace! There were about 5 on his hand one on his foot – ALL GONE! Thank You! I will be recommending this to everyone too! I’ve tried everything from apple cider vinegar, duct tape, and freeze off. This was the only thing that worked.”

“The creosote salve has been my go-to remedy for mostly all skin abrasions, and the plantain salve nearly cured my hives. Keep up all of your good work, we need more of your knowledge and products out there!” -Michelle Robbins

“The Chaparral Salve is wonderful for abrasions, burns, and little skin tags. My husband used it on Shingles this winter and it gave him much relief. I use the Arnica Salve for bruises and it really works! It also helps with muscle aches from strains or sprains.” – Jackie Mossman

“I am absolutely in love with your Chaparral Salve! I have used it on sunburns, cuts, acne, rashes and sores. It is soothing, healing, and I love the smell! Thank you for creating such high quality, natural products!“ – LaDawn DeWitt, MRET St. George, Utah

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