Book: The 4-Minute Miracle (book 1)


Stop Dieting, Drop Deprivation, and Reclaim Your Sexy!

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“The 4-Minute Miracle” releases excess weight, intensifies confidence, and reclaims your sexy! Lifelong health and vitality awaits you.

Change your mindset around food. Depriving yourself will no longer be a strategy and any guilt associated with eating will be a thing of the past.

Learn a common-sense approach to food. Choosing the right foods for your body is key as one-size does not fit all.

Finally, discover the miracle itself to seal the deal. The four-minute practice revealed in this book will smash your stress-eating triggers as you regain a nourishing relationship with food.

Come with me on this amazing adventure as you transform your health and vitality revealing your ravishing self.


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