Book: Pebbles of Gold


Pebbles of Gold is an inspirational journey of transformation and finding inner nirvana.

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Pebbles of Gold: Finding Inner Nirvana Amidst the Chaos of Life

Can you imagine a life where your relationships are easy and fill your bucket instead of drain it? Can you see yourself standing tall with unlimited confidence? Now imagine everyone with whom you come into contact seeing you as poised, wise, calm, centered and at peace even during the worst of circumstances. You can have all of that and so much more. Acquiring peace and fulfillment doesn’t require major life changes or risky moves. You can keep the same job, same spouse, same dog, same house and reap these benefits. But keep in mind, when you implement the simple techniques in this book, life is going to open up to you with tremendous opportunity. We were born with a purpose and when we are open and trusting, life shows us the way. It may have big plans for you. Do you want to find this path of inner nirvana? What are you waiting for?

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